The only way to protect your systems from malicious attacks is to understand the methods and strategies attackers will use — so you can close security gaps and protect business-critical applications and data. But how do you keep your systems safe?

Pen testing can expose a wide range of security issues:

  • Encryption weaknesses and improper configurations
  • Security flaws in applications and unpatched software
  • Exposed backdoors
  • Risky user behaviors and weak password policies
  • Unsecured physical access points

Every one of these vulnerabilities can open your organization up to a multitude of threats from bad actors. Learn how to close security gaps and minimize risk with AISN’s How to Hack Your Systems the Right Way (5 Things You Need to Know About Vulnerability Scanning and Pen Testing Before It’s Too Late).

Discover the secrets that hackers don’t want you to know — and get simple tips on how to choose a pen testing partner you can trust.

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How to Hack Your Systems the Right Way